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Somerset is full of history and intrigue, local mythology and impressive buildings adorn the heart of the West Country. So, whilst staying with us here at Bowlish House, take advantage of the beauty of the Great British countryside and delve into the past to see why Britain is so Great!


We have listed a few of our favourite places below; this is by no means a comprehensive list but our friends at the Shepton Mallet Tourist Information will be most happy to give you their personal recommendations and can be contacted on 01749 345258.


Wells is a peaceful and joyful cathedral.
It is a prayer in stone and glass.
In rooms dimly glimpsed beyond there are shadows and shafts of light beckoning pilgrim or seeker to discover what lies within....


Here at Wookey Hole, where a river flows out of the underworld, pagan and Christian legends intermingle. Here, too are mysteries of man himself. How did the early cavemen, who inhabited these caves, really live from day to day? And what makes a modern diver explore the caverns beyond the sunlight?
Here you will find the questions - if not all the answers...



A major tourist attraction for over 200 years, with plenty to do above and below ground.
We're also a Site of Special Scientific Interest in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, where you'll find many rare species.
The Cathedral-like Caves and Britain's biggest Gorge are million-year-old Ice Age river beds.
Your ancestors have lived here for 40,000 years, and world-famous Cheddar Man is Britain's oldest complete skeleton


Every year, people from over seventy countries on six different continents visit the sacred site of Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset, England.
The 2,000 years of Christianity we are celebrating and remembering are forever rooted in the mystical land of Avalon where the story of Glastonbury Abbey began. While in Glastonbury take in the views from Glastonbury Tor.


Feel the heat of the spring waters, bringing health and vitality to Bath for over two thousand years....


Britain's original natural thermal spa. In the World Heritage city of Bath you can enjoy Britain's only natural thermal waters as the Celts and Romans did over 2000 years ago.

Voted 'UK Family Attraction of the Year 2002' by the Good Britain Guide, Longleat offers a wonderland of attractions to suit all ages!






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