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The award winning Dr Who actors David Tennant & Arthur Darvill have been at Bowlish House with the award winning Olivia Colman filming the ITV hit drama Broadchurch.


Classed as grade II* by the Department of the Environment, various features are singled out as being of special interest the original Mendip lead drainpipes at the front carry the crest of the original owners and the year of completion, 1732. The walls and pillars with urns topping them which formed the entrance of the old gardens are also singled out for specific mention.


Stone for the construction of the 4ft thick "rubble" walls was taken from an outcrop in what is now the garden or, to put it differently, the house was probably built where the stone was to reduce haulage by slow and primitive methods.


A small spring rises under the cellar of Bowlish House and links up with an underground stream routed diagonally across the cellar floor just under the old flagstones. Thus the temperature of the large cellars is more constant than otherwise and varies by no more than 2 or 3 degrees either side of the ideal 50 F, which is perfect for the storage of fine wines.


Built on the site of a former farmhouse (the kitchen, Room 5 and the boiler room are from the original building) the house became L-shaped with the Georgian addition at the front. The old barn interior wall can still be seen in the garden on the right hand side with the arched exit now being encompassed in the slope of the garden.


In the early 1800's another wing was added making the house U-shaped (adding the dining room and Room 2) with the staircase being replaced by another from an older house.


For eighty years, successive brewery managers (a more senior position than current usage of the word would indicate) lived at Bowlish House. After the closure of the brewery in 1920 the house was bought by the Somerset Brick and Tile Company and the Youngman family occupied Bowlish House until the death of Harold Youngman in 1954. At this time the house passed to private ownership and began its latest phase as first, a hotel and subsequently a restaurant.

Both the interior and exterior of Bowlish House were repaired by Stephen Clark (of Clarks Shoes) who, in 1964, bought the property and spent a very considerable sum of money in major restoration work.












Meet Henry

Henry is a rough collie and border collie cross. He is very friendly and has never met a stranger. Making friends with him is easy. You will usually find him lounging in the front hall.
















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